Unplayed Matthias DammannUnplayed Matthias Dammann
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Manuel Velazquez
1978 Rare Cedar Manuel Velazquez

Flamenco guitar dealer

You know what you are looking for in a guitar. "The guitar". I'm here to help you end that search. No hype, no pressure. Just friendly, knowledgeable guidance to help you find exactly what you want.

For nearly 20 years now I have accepted only the finest Classical guitars and Flamenco guitars for sale or consignment. I turn down many more guitars and luthiers than I accept by far. Thus, I may not always have the most guitars on my site, but I will always select the best. Please join my clients and friends from around the World, and discover why even in this internet age, my largest source of clients still come from good old fashioned "word-of-mouth".

- Chris Kamen

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