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2021 Matthias Dammann Spruce double/composite top

Top: Spruce double/composite top
Back and sides: Rosewood
Scale: 650mm
Tuners: Dammann

The Holy Grail of the Holy Grail of double tops, not only a near new flawless Matthias Dammann, but a SPRUCE double/composite top at that, the best of the best. Spruce Dammann’s are my personal favorites. Spruce has a better cross grain stiffness than Cedar which it turns out is a good thing when you are building double tops, and Dammann has Spruce double tops dialed in, not an easy thing to accomplish. Just stunning.

This guitar is gorgeous and Dammann has artfully tinted the Spruce so it has an aged honey hue to it, looks lovely in real life, and fine Rosewood back and sides, new Dammann tuners which are awesome, and in this instrument he used his ‘beyond Nomex’ core which I find to impart a beautiful combination of a more traditional tone and voice while still retaining all the volume, projection, and dynamic range expected from the very best double tops.
Near new, only two or three small marks on the top otherwise like new at first glance!

Flawless unmatched perfection. Period.

2021 Matthias Dammann Spruce double/composite top