Kolya Panhuyzen – Germany

Kolya Panhuyzen is a well known and widely respected luthier residing in Germany. He has been crafting fine guitars for more than 40 years. Kolya spent his early years working with master luthier Edgar Mönch, first in Canada, and later in Germany.

The list of artists who play and record with Panhuyzen guitars is ever growing and includes: Jury Clormann, Carlo Domeniconi, Duo Flamas, Zorn Dukic, Günther Gôrtz, Giovanni Grano, Helmut Jasbar, Hubert Kâppel, Dale Kavanagh,Matt Palmer, Krzystof Pelech, Sonja Prunnbauer, Nathasja Van Rosse, Rahpaêlla Smits, Harald Stampa, Elisabeth Trechslin, Trio de Cologne, Laura Young, and others.

I have the good fortune to see, hear, play guitars by the finest luthiers in the world and I have always been favorably impressed by Kolya’s guitars, so it is with a sense appreciation that Kolya has selected Classic Guitars International as his exclusive US representative.

Kolya builds traditional fan braced guitars, lattice braced guitars, and double (composite) top guitars. His guitars convey a superior tonal balance and are sublimely easy to play. There are a variety of woods and options to select from, just contact me to discuss!