2011 Felipe Conde “Flamenco Negra”

Top: Spruce
Back and sides: Rosewood
Scale: 664mm
Origin: Spain

With Paco De Lucia’s passing perhaps it is fitting in some cosmic way that this “Paco-like” Negra arrived. This Negra is in absolute mint, like-new, impeccable, flawless condition (enough adjectives to describe how clean it is for you?). Although I have small hands, the scale (664 same as Paco’s guitars) presented no problem for me even when playing without a capo. Conde’s, including this one, have a reputation for being super easy on the left hand and this magically seems to be so irrespective of the scale length.

This Negra is pure ‘Conde’ in its nature, that sound we all know and love and that has helped define “Flamenco” for decades via Paco’s blazing fingers and heartfelt soul, as well as innumerable other Flamenco artists and players the world over. Great Flamenco voice, yet she can sing plaintively when asked, or bark when pushed. Nice basses and trebles in fact nicer than most Conde’s, she is a well rounded Negra in every way.

2011 Felipe Conde "Flamenco Negra"