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Pairing the finest coffee beans in the world, with the finest guitars, just for the pure joy of it…

I hear it every day from clients all over the world: “ Nothing gives me more joy, peace of mind, and the ability to escape the world for a little while, than sitting and playing my guitar..” And we all know how the refinement, subtlety, and exquisite character of a really fine guitar adds to that experience.

Many of us feel the same way about our coffee. A soul soothing ritual we enjoy and savor every day, often when sitting down with our guitar.

My son Jason shares the same passion for perfection in coffee beans that he sources from all over the world , in much the same way that I am passionate about finding the finest guitars.

The finest coffee beans and the finest guitars, paired for no other reason than to bring you joy.

“I search the world over for the highest rated, purest, and most flavorful beans that can be found. I decline the vast majority of beans, only selecting the very best. I then carefully roast them to perfection myself, and bag individually to assure the freshest and most flavorful beans possible. The appreciation I receive from my customers is my reward, their joy is my joy”. – Jason Kamen

Please order a bag or two and discover the best beans you can find, lovingly roasted in the foothills of Santa Barbara and sent directly to your door anywhere in the USA.

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