NEW Romanillos “Birds Eye Maple”

Top: Very old European Spruce
Back and sides: Birds Eye Maple
Tuners: Graf
Scale: 650mm
Origin: England
Price: SOLD

This exquisite Birds Eye Maple Romanillos has found a very appreciative new home. If you are interested in a new Romanillos please contact me so we can discuss…

Liam related to me a story about a legendary guitar he built where he utilized a some fine Birds Eye Maple for the back and sides. He told me the guitar was visually stunning and tonally exceptional and that the Maple imparted a sort of magical shimmering quality to the notes. He was so pleased with this guitar, that I kept the memory of it in my mind for several years, and finally I asked if he would consent to build a duplicate of that guitar. Kindly he agreed to do just that, and here she is!!

The back and sides are of absolutely gorgeous Birds Eye Maple, so beautiful, and so unusual in a guitar of this level. It really is so pretty I almost don’t know what I like more, playing her, or just looking at her, she is just so pretty. The tuners are perfectly selected Graf tuners which add a touch of refined elegance to the guitar while also providing superior mechanical performance by every measure. All this combined with a rosette that has to be on everyone’s ‘most beautiful rosette’ list combines to create one of the most visually pleasing guitars I have had the pleasure of laying my eyes on.

Tonally Romanillos guitars are legendary and for good reason. As good as they sound new, the combination of world class building, fine old aged wood, and woods that were selected specifically in the forest decades ago by Jose due to their special qualities, all result in an instrument that blossoms over time and becomes ever so much more than the sum of it’s parts. In other words, they play in beyond all expectations developing an even more tantalizing voice over time.

This guitar already has an ‘aliveness’ to it that many new Spruce guitars take some time to develop, and the voice is lyrical and fluid and honey like, with the maple back and sides somehow adding a little unexpected sparkle to the voice, almost as if you could hear the sound of light rays playing through a fresh morning dew drop. This is what it brings to my mind.

I really want to thank Liam for allowing me to offer this special guitar and I am already excited for the new owner…

NEW Romanillos “Birds Eye Maple”