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Robert Ruck

Top: Spruce Double Top
Back and sides: Rosewood
Scale: 650mm
Origin: Germany
Price: SOLD

This elegant left handed Ruck double ( composite ) top quickly found a new home. If you are interested in a Ruck solid top or double/composite top or Flamenco please contact me. His waiting list is now closed but I am fortunate to receive a guitar from time to time!

My left handed clients are always struggling to find superior guitars built for them, so here you are folks!! It does not get much finer than this a brand new Ruck cedar double top ( Bob prefers to call them ‘composite tops’ which is actually more accurate truth be told.)

One time when I was in Spain on business I was in the Gypsy caves in Granada around 4 in the morning. The drinks had been flowing freely for hours while they played Flamenco and danced. Just before dawn this one Gypsy gets up and turns out he is a lefty. He takes a right handed guitar, flips it upside down, and punched out an amazing Bulerias! He had learned how to play a right hand guitar upside down! My mind almost exploded just watching him. Well, sadly, I am not that guy! Soooo, when it came time to ‘test’ this lovely lady I was literally all thumbs. I could only get a rough idea by sounding a few notes and trying to imagine what she might sound like. Sorry. Best I could do for now 🙂

The good news is from what I could surmise she is wonderfully vibrant, warm and rich and with lush trebles too, I can only imagine the rest. Bob used a very old set of rosewood for the back and sides, Rodgers tuners, and added sound ports as well. The rosette is just gorgeous.

A fine double top from one of the worlds most respected builders, all you lefties out there can start drooling now, this one’s for you….

Robert Ruck