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Robert Ruck “Flamenco Negra”

Top: Old aged Spruce
Back and sides: Old aged Rosewood
Tuners: Klaus Scheller
Scale: 650mm
Origin: USA
Price: SOLD

This absolutely superb Ruck Negra has found a new home, but I have a like new duplicate of this guitar arriving soon, please contact me for details…

You already know that Bob Ruck is one of the finest builders in the world, bar none, but you may not be aware that he is a very good Flamenco player, often visiting Spain to study Flamenco guitar, and an aficionado of Flamenco for many years. I LOVE getting Bob’s Flamenco guitars, he is definitely America’s answer to Arcangel Fernandez! Since closing his wait list Bob seems to be really enjoying throwing himself into his art maybe enjoying the more ‘relaxed’ situation that his ‘closed’ wait list allows for him. At any rate, he pulled out all the stops on this work of art even down to the the rare and exceptionally beautiful headstock carving, Klaus Scheller tuners, and very old Spruce and Rosewood, all complimented by one of my personal favorite rosette’s of his. This is absolutely one of the most beautiful Negra’s I have had in the shop, but that turned out to be only part of the treat. Tuning her up for the first time I immediately noted that it was one of those guitars that is so resonant, and so responsive, that you knew even as you tuned it, without playing a single note of any piece, that it was going to sound incredible. And she does. Once tuned up I ran through a few of my favorite pieces and found her to be open, super lively, and singing, very “Flamenco” and with silky sinewy basses and quick, lush, round trebles. What a voice! I have had the pleasure of owning several fine Reyes Negra’s and several fine Archangel Negra’s, and this Negra would give them all ‘Flamenco Envy’ for certain. Thanks Bob, this one is legendary and I have no doubt 100 years from now it will be a treasured heirloom passed from player to player like a fine Santos or Barbero. Nice.

Robert Ruck "Flamenco Negra"