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Robert Ruck “Flamenco Blanca”

Top: Spruce
Back and sides: Cypress
Scale: 650mm
Origin: USA
Price: SOLD

This magnificent Ruck Blanca quickly found a great home, if you are interested in a fine Ruck Flamenco please contact me to discuss…

Robert Ruck is a fine Flamenco player, often visiting spain to study with Gerardo Nunez, and of course he is one of the most respected guitar builders in the world. Though his waiting list is permanently closed now, from time-to-time I am fortunate to get a new Ruck guitar. This guitar was built using his very best reserve woods especially for a Flamenco artist from Spain who was to pick up the guitar while on tour. Unfortunately the tour did not proceed as planned and so Bob was kind enough to offer it to me instead, and I jumped at the chance.

I love this Blanca, and as I have said of Bob’s guitars before, they are pure Ruck in their own right, but if I had to pick a Spanish builder that had a similar ‘vibe’ I would say Arcangel Fernandez. In fact with Arcangel now permanently retired and living last I heard in the Canary Islands, a new Ruck my be the closest any of us can come to a new Arcangel. Equal guitars in every way, by two of the best Flamenco builders alive.

The guitar has the punch and attack that you want from a blanca, but she also has a musical singing voice that can be called upon at will, the best of both worlds. Well balanced, and with possibly THE easiest action of any Flamenco I have ever played (how does he do that?). A superb Blanca that I expect will be snapped up rather quickly by some lucky player.

Robert Ruck "Flamenco Blanca"