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Robert Ruck

“Short Scale”
Top: Cedar – Sides & Back: Rosewood
Scale: 640 mm – Origin: USA
Price: SOLD

This delightful short scale Ruck guitar quickly found a new home, if you are interested in a short scale guitar of the highest level, please contact me to discuss…

Receiving any guitar from Robert Ruck is always the guitar lovers version of Nirvana. His solid top and composite (double) top guitars are standard setting, and many of the worlds best Luthiers including Matthias Dammann and others, list Robert Ruck among their influences. His guitars have always been in high demand and his waiting list has grown so long that he has now permanently closed it.

In all the years I have had the honor of representing Robert’s guitars however, I have never had him build a short scale guitar. It seems that demand for short scale guitars is slightly increasing over time and my clients seeking short scale guitars were finding it difficult to obtain guitars built by the finest Luthiers. For this reason I asked two of the most popular Luthiers I work with to build fine, concert level, short scale guitars. Paulino Bernabe built a fine Torres bodied short scale guitar which quickly sold. And I have chosen to continue offering another superb short scale by commissioning this guitar from Robert Ruck.

The guitar has magnificent presence tonally, robust, with ample volume and a rich somewhat Spanish quality to her voice. The notes are clear, alive and expressive with basses and trebles that are well balanced and beautifully musical. A very lyrical and ebullient personality that immediately reveals why Manuel Barrueco would choose a Ruck for his studio recordings.

The guitar is incredibly easy to play if you have smaller hands due to a combination of a well shaped neck, shorter 640mm scale, elevated fingerboard, and flawless set-up by Robert. Really a dream to play. The back and sides have been finished in lacquer, while Robert chose to French Polish the top in Shellac.

A short scale guitar of the highest possible level, with beautiful tone, concert level volume and unmatched playability.

Robert Ruck