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NEW Philip Woodfield GC 4.2 Short Scale

Top: Cedar/hybrid system
Back and sides: Cocobolo
Scale: 640mm
Origin: England

Classical Guitar players all over the world have become fans of Philip Woodfield guitars since L A Guitar Quartet member Scott Tennant acquired his Woodfield from me several years ago and as Scott says, it has ‘been around the world with me several times by now’. While Philip more often builds in Spruce, he also builds wonderful Cedar guitars, though they are a bit rare. This guitar he pulled out all the stops on, it is what he calls his ‘Grand Concert 4.2’ model, Cedar Top, 20th half fret, elevated fingerboard on the treble side, arm rest, and a 640mm scale that is soooo fun and easy to play and with a very slightly smaller body size.

Philip says “The GC4 guitars are something I haVe been developing over the last few years, they are a successful effort to get a similar volume as the lattice guitars but without using that particular system. The construction is very unique and results also is a very balanced instrument with a wider tonal peak that gives it even more musicality”.

Phil balanced the bass response with a slightly smaller body size and sound port and the result is a highly musical, highly refined concert level instrument with excellent volume and a warm cedar voice.

NEW Philip Woodfield GC 4.2 Short Scale