NEW Michael O’Leary Cedar/Lattice braced

Top: Cedar/Lattice Braced
Back and sides: Ebony
Tuners: Klaus Scheller
Origin: Ireland

This is the most incredible O’Leary I have had in the shop so far. Not surprisingly this may be due to the fact that this is what Michael and Son Alec call their “Exclusive Series”. The Exclusive series Michael describes as ’the very best of what we do in all respects. The woods used throughout are the very finest available in the world. It is the most powerful and beautiful instrument fit for the most discerning customer’.

This one has visually stunning Master Grade Exotic Ebony back and sides, just look at that lovely center strip, and the highly figured nature of the wood. The top is wonderful Master Grade Western Red Cedar. Tuners are hand made Klaus Scheller models which are awesome. This particular guitar even comes with an upgraded BAM case, which is not always the ‘case’ ( no pun intended, well, OK, maybe just a little).

O’Leary guitar are treasured by artists and players in nearly every country for their beauty, power and tone.

This concert level guitar has massive power and projection, impressive dynamic range. The bass response is bold yet balanced, and the trebles are expressive while still being crystal clear. Michael focuses on many areas to develop the voice but particularly the upper bout, and this is expressed in a lyrical and musical voice in spite of being a powerful guitar.

This truly is ’the whole package’.

NEW Michael O’Leary Cedar/Lattice braced