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NEW Manuel Reyes “Blanca”

Top: Spruce
Back and sides: Cypress
Scale: 650mm
Origin: Spain
Price: SOLD

It is with some sadness that I pass along my own personal Reyes, one of the last he worked on himself, to a very special client of mine, who I will trust to be the next caretaker and player of this superb Reyes, happy and a bit sad at the same time, but she found a superb home and for that I am grateful! Thanks again Manuel for all you gave to me, and to the world of Flamenco…

This guitar was one of the last Blanca’s Manuel worked on before fully retiring, he had been slowing down for some time. He was kind enough to make me 6 guitars of my own during his career, and of those I kept this one as my favorite which was actually made for a good friend of mine who waited many years on the Reyes list and who was kind enough to let me have it after I got down on my knees and begged him for it!! Alas, all things change and while I started playing mainly Flamenco, I find these days I am playing mainly Classical and so I decided to release this incredible Reyes Padre, one of his last and in my opinion one of this very best. In like new condition. Flawless, as if it just came from the shop, includes Karura case and cover. Here is what I wrote when I first played it…..

Those of you who have acquired guitars from me know that when I say ‘this is one of the best…’ that I mean exactly that. I turn down a lot of guitars, even some Reyes guitars, because they are not among ‘the best of the best’ in my opinion, and that is what my clients expect from me. So now I am going to make a statement that some might snicker at, but which those of you who have worked with me over the years will know is absolutely true: This is hands down the best Reyes Blanca I have had in this shop, or ever heard, and this comes from personally owning many Reyes guitars, having many many come through the shop over the past 15 years, and hearing many played by some amazing artists.

This is “THE” Reyes every Reyes lover dreams of. You know when you listen to Vicente and you think “Man that is the most awesome Reyes I have ever heard”, this is that guitar. No exaggeration. Just fact. I have had other amazing Reyes guitars come close to the title of ‘best Reyes ever’ but now I think that title will permanently belong to this guitar. She already sings and I suspect the sky is the limit as to what she’ll sound like after a year or two of playing. Most Reyes Blanca’s have those famous incisive trebles, but some are so dang punchy they lose a bit of their musicality, not this one. The Maestro seems to have put his heart and soul into this lady and everything came together flawlessly, including a beautiful and very musical voice with gorgeous sustain, but yet so capable of that driving biting attack that the great Reyes guitars possess. Why go on, I’ll just use one word that says it all: Perfect..

Manuel Reyes “Blanca”