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NEW Liam Romanillos “La Pradera”

Top: Very old aged Spruce
Back and sides: Very old aged Cypress
Scale: 650mm
Origin: England

The guitars of Jose and Liam Romanillos hold a special place in our hearts. The beauty of the fine craftsmanship, the elegant details such as the iconic rosette, the sublime ethereal voicing, not to mention the Julian Bream mystique, all combine to make them among the most desired of fan braced spruce guitars the entire world over.

As the exclusive world wide representative for Jose and Liam for many many years, I have likely seen/heard/played more Romanillos guitars than just about anybody on the planet except Jose and Liam themselves. What a delightful experience it always is too. I look forward with anticipation to each new one arriving.

When visiting Liam at his shop in England once I was able to view all the old Spruce and Rosewood, aging year after year, in the attic above his shop, the same wood cut and used by his father Jose. Thus it is not surprising that given Liam and Jose build in the exact same way, and use the exact same woods, that the guitars sound so much alike. The woods are so well aged that they already sound ‘old’ even when ’new’.

“La Pradera” is magical. Listening to the tone and voice feels more like a mystical experience than just ‘listening to a guitar’, the beauty is simply haunting. Jose used Cypress on a number of guitars and sometimes Liam will as well. It was a favorite wood for Jose, and I suspect Liam as well, adding additional focus and clarity.

Notice the lovely Satinwood bridge. Liam uses this exclusively now, something Jose did occasionally as well. The wood is beautiful and blends with the guitar so well that it is a welcome refinement, and as if to add ‘function to form’ it is more dense than Rosewood and is thought to thus transmit the energy from the strings and saddle even better.

Another example of why Liam’s wait list is out so many many years. Little wonder.

NEW Liam Romanillos “La Pradera”