Jim Redgate Spruce Double Top

Top: Spruce/Double Top
Back and sides: Rosewood
Scale: 650mm
Origin: Australia

This fine Spruce Redgate double top has found a new home, please contact me if you would like a custom Redgate of your own…

Jim is enjoying world-wide popularity in many countries for many years, especially in the US/Australia/France. Not surprisingly he is also a favorite among concert artists as well, again world wide most notably Ana Vidovic, Slava and Leonard Grigoryan, and many others. One of the very few builders who builds world class concert level instruments in the three main styles, solid top fan braced, lattice braced, and double tops, he has earned his well respected reputation as one of the best builders in the world today.

I am particularly fond of Spruce double tops, and have been for years, and they seem to be really catching a lot of attention now. I heard through the grapevine that both Manuel Barrueco and David Russell now own Spruce Dammann double tops as well, so the ‘word is getting out’ about these great guitars it seems.

This guitar was played by Slava and Leonard before Jim sent it, and they gave it RAVE reviews, so I was eager to play it myself. She is a supreme example of a very fine concert level Spruce double top and exemplifies what I love about this style of guitar. Rich silky spruce voice that will only improve with playing, clear concise trebles with great separation of voices and natural colors, bold basses, a very side dynamic range and ample volume and projection all supported by Jim’s famous neck shape and action set up to produce a guitar that is as lovely to play as it is to hear.

A spruce lovers dream come true…

To learn more click here to visit the Jim Redgate homepage, and feel free to contact me directly for the answers to any questions you have or to discuss placing an order.

NEW JIm Redgate Spruce Double Top