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NEW Jim Redgate Cedar Double top

Top: Cedar double top
Sides & Back: Rosewood
Scale: 650 mm
Origin: Australia

Jim’s guitars have been my most popular guitars for more than a decade now. As Jim’s world wide exclusive dealer I have seen virtually every guitar he has built for years and he never ceases to amaze me. There are Redgate owners in virtually every country now, and artists such as Ana Vidovic, Slava and Leonard Grigoryan, Ralph Towner and Odair Assad have all acquired Redgate instruments. Please contact me to discuss the various styles, options and features of Jim’s guitars and for details about how you can place an order for a custom Redgate of your own.

Jim Redgate is one of the only builders, perhaps the only builder who builds world class lattice braced guitars and world class fan braced double top guitars. It is a tribute to his unique skills and abilities as one of the worlds finest Luthiers that he is able to build so well in these two very different styles.

Jim’s double top guitars are the result of years of focused and highly successful development. He was initially inspired by a Dammann guitar that he acquired from me. With blessings from Matthias himself, Jim used his own Dammann as a launching point and reference point from which to develop his own unique rendition of a fine double top. At this point his double top guitars are purely “Redgate” in nature as he has combined his years as of knowledge building fine lattice braced guitars with his studies of double tops including Dammann, the result of which is one of the most beautiful and individually pure sounding double tops available. When Odair Assad decided began to search for a guitar that had it all, and that could bring his internal visions to his solo performances he selected a Jim Redgate fan braced double top guitar. When we spoke he was thrilled with the power, the subtlety, the responsiveness and the unique and delightful tonal character of his Redgate double top and told me that he plans to perform his solo efforts using this guitar. As a nice ‘side bar’ to this story, when Odair was interviewed for the French magazine “Guitarist Classical Acoustic” one of the contributing editors was so taken with the Redgate that he ordered one for himself and is planning a feature article on Jim’s guitars! The neck is slightly elevated for ease of playing and Jim’s neck carve is among the best out there. Creamy rich basses and full round singing trebles are augmented by a warm and varied tonal palette to produce a highly refined and beautiful personality. Inspiring, convincing and emotional guitars. Another supreme offering from one of the world’s best builders.

NEW Jim Redgate Cedar Double top