NEW Jakob Lebisch Spruce double/composite top

Top: Very special old aged Spruce double/composite top
Back and sides: Very best tight straight grain old Rosewood
Tuners: Klaus Scheller
Scale: 650mm
Origin: Germany
Another fine Lebisch is due 2023, contact me for details.

With Jakob’s wait list now approaching 10 years, it is apparent the ’secret’ is out, Jakob is one of the finest double top builders in the world, and demand for his instruments confirms this. So, it was very exciting to be involved with this guitar. Jakob chose to pull out all the stops on this instrument and to do something very special and a bit different too.

First he agreed to use his highest, most upgraded, best Spruce for the top. This wood is estimated to be 50-100 years aged. Jakob only has about 5 sets of this wood left, it is his most prized Spruce and irreplaceable. I am very very appreciative that he agreed to use one of those cherished sets on this guitar. Not only is the wood beautifully grained, and very old, but likely due to that age the resins have crystalized over time and produced a tone wood that is extremely light, which is good for double tops, yet retains the cross grain stiffness of Spruce, also excellent for double tops. Usually Cedar is used, which is light, but has less cross grain stiffness, or Spruce which is a bit heavier but has excellent cross grain stiffness, but in this guitar you get both, light and crossgrain stiffness.

The back and sides are Jakobs last and only set of this elegant tight straight grained Rosewood, of a caliber you simply can not match these days.

He then used his lates, non nomex, double top core, added an elevated fret board, 12 hole tie block, and liquid smooth Klaus Scheller tuning machines.

Finally he elected to give the French Polish of shellac a rich amber tint to evoke the aged tone of a fine cello or violin. The workmanship is ‘best of the best’ quality.

To protect this fine instrument Jakob enclosed in it a custom fit top quality upgraded carbon fiber case.

NEW Jakob Lebisch Spruce double/composite top