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NEW Dieter Müller/Cedar double top

Top: Cedar/double top
Back and sides: Rosewood
Tuners: Rodgers
Origin: Germany

Dieter’s list of fans is world-wide and you know from past posts I love the Stephan Schmidt Bach Lute Works recorded with a Dieter Müller 10 string double top, one of my favorite recordings which really showcases the beautiful tone of Dieter’s double tops. As an ‘extra’ these beautiful sounding instruments have massive power and projection complimented by a very wide dynamic range, they are artistic instruments in every dimension.

This guitar, Dieter went ‘all in’. Beautiful specially selected Rosewood back and sides, elevated fingerboard, 12 hole tie block, lovely Rodgers tuners, a custom carbon case, and a custom modern shaped arm rest. It has it all.

The tone is as expected, lovely and expressive, and while massively powerful at the same time, it never loses the ability to be intimate and soulful.

This is an impeccable example of Dieter’s guitars and confirms in every way why his guitars remain in demand year after year.

2021 Dieter Müller/Cedar double top