NEW Dieter Müller 10 string, Cedar/Double Top

Top: Cedar/Double Top
Back and sides: Rosewood
Scale: 650mm
Origin: Germany

While this superb ten string double top has sold, I can work with you to have Dieter create a superb ten, or thirteen string solid top or double top, please call me for details…

Whaaaa? Did you say “Ten String Double Top?”. Yes, I sure did! Wow. Let me repeat that WOW. Now to come clean, no I do not play ten string, I am challenged enough by 6 so I can not fully evaluate this guitar as well as a ten string player to be sure. But I can play the first 6 strings, and at least ‘play around’ with the other four, and so I did just that. It took me a while, and I was surprised at how disoriented I got with the wide neck and so many strings staring me in the face, but after a humbling half hour I could once again find my way around well enough. So much for my ten string concert career.

The guitar is a cedar double top ten string. One of my favorite all time recordings is the Stephan Schmidt “Bach, Lute Works, Original Versions, 10 – string guitar”, recorded on a ten string Dieter Müller solid top ( Enjoy the sound clip on this page) . I understand from Dieter that Stephan is planning on acquiring a ten string double top like this next year. No wonder, this is an amazing combination for a ten string providing a powerful full bodied and captivating voice that is enhanced in a major way by the nomex double top giving it also superb dynamic range and a response that acknowledges even the lightest touch. A magnificent ten string worthy of any concert hall, and any artist.

Dieter used Gotoh tuners, a twelve hole tie block, and a 20th half fret as well. Stunning.


Sound ClipGerman recording artist Stephan Schmidt playing “Bach, Lute Works, original versions, 10-string guitar”

NEW Dieter Müller 10 string, Cedar/Double Top