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NEW Claudio Meneghelli “Homanaje a Jose Luis Romanillos”

Top: Torrefied Spruce
Back and Sides: Stunning Indian Rosewood
Scale: 650mm
Origin: Switzerland
I have a duplicate of this guitar arriving in late 2022 please contact me for details

As the exclusive world wide representative for Jose and Liam Romanillos for many years, I really appreciate and understand exactly what the Romanillos mystic entails. In my experience, this ‘Homanaje a Jose Luis Romanillos’ built by Claudio is the closest you can possibly come to owning a Romanillos but for a more affordable price. You simply can’t get in closer.

To begin with Claudio is one of only two luthiers in the entire world who not only was trained by Romanillos when they were offering their luthier courses, but who was also fully endorsed by Jose and Liam! Literally of all the luthiers they worked with, Claudio stood out so much that he has the full endorsement of Romanillos. Hence, as a way of saying ’thank you’, and also honoring the stunning guitars of Romanillos, Claudio makes occasionally this “Homanaje” to Romanillos guitars.

Visually, if you place them side by side, as I was lucky enough to do when this guitar arrived at the same time as a new Liam Romanillos, one has to look very carefully to notice which is which. The headstock inlays, the rosette, and more all look just like a Romanillos, in other words, absolutely iconic and beautiful.

In addition, Claudio used on this guitar for the first time I have seen, a ’Torrefied’ Spruce top. Torrefied tops have been around for many years, but are only recently catching on in the classical world. This is a process whereby the spruce tops are ‘baked’ at very high temperature but in the absence of oxygen, so instead of combusting, the actual cellular structure and composition of the wood changes in a way that very closely mimics the effects of aging over many years. In effect, you get the sound and feel of a very old spruce top. Add to this some of the most visually stunning Indian Rosewood I have seen, and combine it with a voice and character that if you close your eyes sounds and feels very much like a Romanillos, and there you have it.

A wonderful guitar as beautiful to look at as it is to hear…

NEW Claudio Meneghelli “Homanaje a Jose Luis Romanillos”