NEW Casimiro Lozano “30th Anniversary Model”

Top: Spruce composite (double)top
Back and sides: Rosewood
Origin: Spain

Casimiro has a deep dedication to his art, when I visit his shop in Spain it seems like he rarely leaves except to eat and sleep. He is passionate about his instruments and you can hear it in his guitars. He once built lovely patented modified fan braced guitars, but by the time artists like Göran Söllscher and others discovered and began playing his guitars, he was mainly building fine composite (double) tops with a strong Spanish influence to the sound.

This instrument is particularly lovely both in sound and appearance, imagine if you will the delicate artistic workmanship and detail of a fine Bernabe coupled with the added advantages of a fine double top. This is his special ‘30th Anniversary’ model, and he has poured his heart into these instruments.

Absolutely wonderful double tops with a Spanish character to the voice and, due to Casimiro’s desire to keep his guitars as affordable to players as possible, also very well priced indeed.

NEW Casimiro Lozano “ 30th Anniversary Model’