NEW Cary Pedicini Spruce double (composite) top

Top: Italian Spruce double/composite top
Back and sides: Ziricote
Scale: 650mm
Origin: Australia

This guitar is NEW though it was built in 2020 by Cary. He was so pleased with this guitar that he kept it as a show guitar, but it has never been owned. Fast forward to 2022. I have known Cary for several years and he has visited me here in Santa Barbara in the past. I have really enjoyed our visits and Cary and I have spent hours discussing double top construction and details. It had been a few years since his last visit and when he arrived this Summer he brought this guitar with him to share. I was so impressed that I somehow convinced him to leave it with me to offer to my clients, and in fact, so impressed that I invited Cary to join the elite group of the worlds best luthiers represented here at Classic Guitars, and to become a ‘featured luthier’ which he gladly accepted.

This guitar has an elevated fingerboard and plays very comfortably, with just the right amount of string tension to create a great ‘feel’. If you visit my site regularly you already know how much I love Ziricote, the look and tone is sublime, and this is a lovely set of wood Cary selected for this guitar.

The construction is uniquely Australian, and you can hear Cary’s own unique voice, but also the influence of Richard Howell, whom Cary knows well and who has been instrumental in Cary’s development as a builder, as well as shades of Greg Smallman and Jim Redgate, a lovely blend of ideas culminating in lovely sounding modern double top with a balanced voice and clear projection.

I highly recommend Cary and this guitar and welcome him to the Classic Guitars International family.

NEW Cary Pedicini Spruce double (composite) top