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2015 Andres Marvi- Cedar Fan Braced/Solid top

Top: Cedar/Fan braced
Back and sides: Rosewood
Scale: 650mm
Origin: Spain
Price: SOLD

I love visiting Andy in his workshop in the hills outside of Granada. He is always happy, and you can hear that in his guitars. A relaxed and jovial fellow with a passion for ‘sound’. I particularly love the minute attention he gives to certain aspects of his instruments, for example the way he delicately ‘tunes’ each brace before installing it in the guitar, tapping, sanding, tapping, listening until each one is just what he wants, and only then does it get glued in place.

I like his design as well, the way he extends the neck all the way to the soundhole which not only prevents the traditional weak spot along the fret board on the soundboard, but also creates greater sustain overall.

So it is no surprise that I find this guitar just enchanting to hear, a clear, focused voice with warmth and character and subtle but charming overtones that enhance but never overpower. Doubling the sides with Cypress not only adds to the lovely voice but enhances power and so the guitar has excellent volume as well.

It is little wonder then that his guitars are so popular, and that players such as Goran Krivokapic and Aniello Desiderio play his guitars. He is a fine builder of Flamenco guitars as well, and none other than Gerardo Nunez also owns and plays a Marvi, and his understanding of the Flamenco action also finds it’s way into his Classical guitars making them very comfortable to play.

Superb Andy, thanks as always…