NEW Andreas Kirschner Spruce/Double Top

Top: Spruce/Double Top
Back and sides: Rosewood
Scale: 650mm
Origin: Germany
Price: SOLD

Today was fun because I received a new guitar from my “go to” Spruce double top builder in Germany, Andreas Kirschner. It is no secret that I am very fond of good Spruce double tops, my own guitar being for example a Spruce Dammann double top. And I think Spruce double tops are continuing to reach new fans, in fact it was not long ago that Manuel Barrueco graced my shop with a visit for the primary purpose of trying out the Spruce Dammann he heard that I had here at the time. He loved the guitar, and I am of the belief that he now has a Spruce Dammann double top himself. Nice.

Spruce in many ways is the ideal wood for a double top having generally better cross grain stiffness than cedar which is desirable, but being a bit heavier than cedar which is not desirable in a double top where you want a light but strong top (hence Nomex cores or cores of other materials including wood). So building a great Spruce double top is a challenge and takes great skill such that the lightness and cross grain stiffness are both retained. Not for the faint of heart if you are a builder.

Andreas has mastered the Spruce double to so well that he is often my “go to” builder when somebody is seeking a Spruce double top. This guitar is a great example of exactly why I feel that way. Lightly built like a Dammann and with excellent response as well, this guitar brings every note to life and releases them into the air as if the guitar itself is taking a breath, notes have excellent colors and delightful clarity and hold together to provide not only exemplary volume but superior projection as well. As with all new Spruce guitars the delight continues to unfold the more it is played, and these guitars unfold in the most beautiful manner over time as they are played in, such that as lovely as it they are to hear new, you know something even “more” is yet to come. A stunningly gorgeous Spruce double top. Another “go to” guitar from Andreas.