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Like new! 2016 Robert Ruck

Top: Cedar/Fan Braced
Back and sides: Rosewood
Scale: 650mm
Origin: USA

This exquisite like new Robert Ruck Cedar fan braced guitar was acquired by my client from me new in 2016. It looks exactly the same and sounds simply wonderful. I would say it is one of the last few Rucks I got as I passed away in 2018. Definitely built when Robert was at the absolute pinnacle of his stellar career.

The rich warm colorful cedar tone is reminiscent of the Manuel Barrueco recordings on his Ruck, same rich clarity and expressive voice. The back and sides are of such incredible Indian Rosewood that you almost take a second look to be sure it is not Brazilian. Both used a Brazilian Rosewood bridge, his favorite for tone, and a gorgeous Ziricote veneer on the headstock, along with one of my favorite Ruck Rosette’s. In addition he used a great set of Gotoh tuners, and added an elevated fret board. Finish is synthetic varnish. This fabulous Ruck also comes with a custom fit Karura carbon fiber travel case.

I have not seen as fine an example of a Ruck for sale for quite a while, simply flawless.

Like new! 2016 Robert Ruck