Liam Romanillos “El Libro”

Top: Very old perfectly aged European Spruce
Back and sides: Very old perfectly aged Rosewood
Tuners: Alessi
Scale 650mm
Origin: England
Price: SOLD

This exquisite masterpiece has found a new home, I am hoping for a new Romanillos in 2015, if you would like to reserve this guitar please give me a call…

“El Libro” is the latest masterpiece from Maestro Romanillos. With a wait list approaching 20 years now I am always so thankful when I can offer a new Romanillos to my friends and clients around the world. The rich history of Romanillos continues to expand as these lovely soulful guitars gently make their way into the world. For many years now Liam Romanillos has proved his guitars to be the rival of his fathers, and this is enhanced by the fact that he is able to use the same very old aged specially selected woods acquired by Jose over 40 years ago. These old perfectly aged woods are among the finest being used to build guitars anywhere in the world today and no doubt help to continue the Romanillos tradition of excellence that has earned both father and son their well deserved and much admired reputations.

Playing in a new Spruce guitar is one of the more enjoyable aspects of owning a new guitar. If you believe, as I do, that some of the builders soul is imparted into the guitar during the building process, then you’ll also agree that part of the players soul is ‘imprinted’ into a new guitar as she is played in. This process unites the guitar, the builder and the player in a special way, and creates a bond between the player and their guitar that is nearly a ‘human’ relationship. You all know what I mean. This process is somehow even more intimate with a new Romanillos, and the resulting bond is even stronger, they are just, well, very ‘personal’ guitars in this way.

El Libro, though never played until I received her, is a thrilling guitar from the first note. Romanillos guitars have exquisite singing and lyrical voices and the notes have a sort of ‘shimmering’ quality that remind me of the light dancing on the surface of a pool of still quiet water. An ‘aliveness’ almost. I just love these instruments.

Of course the iconic Romanillos rosette adorns the soundboard, inspired by the Mezquita in Cordoba, and one of the most beautiful rosettes ever created in the opinion of many. The 4 piece back of very old rosewood on the back is flawlessly crafted and the soundboard is of very old amazing quality European Spruce. The artistic details are stunningly beautiful, and I love how they all tie in to create a beautiful artistic ‘organic’ feel to the guitar. A work of art to look at as much as it is to hear.

Liam Romanillos "El Libro"