Jim Redgate WAVE Spruce/Double Top “SHORT SCALE”

Top: Spruce double top, WAVE design
Back and sides: Rosewood
Tuners: Graf
Scale: 640mm
Origin: Australia
Price: SOLD

This superb Redgate WAVE double top has found a new home, if you are seeking a concert level Redgate lattice or double top please contact me…

Well this guitar I asked Jim to make as a ‘gift’ for short scale lovers. It is hard to find a top of the line concert quality short scale at times, so once a year or so I ask one of the builders I work with to build a superior short scale guitar, and a lefty guitar. Jim Redgate was kind enough to oblige this year. For this guitar he used his very best Spruce for the soundboard, and added a nice set of Graf tuners as well. This is a mind blowing guitar, as all the WAVE double tops have been. Slava and Leonard Grigoryan both play Redgate WAVE double tops for all their concerts and recordings. Everybody who plays one seems to want one. They are ergonomic beyond belief, the back gracefully arching and so comfortable against the body positioning the guitar nicely, the top has an arch as well which serves two main purposes, one, to ‘corrugate’ the top and thus make it stiffer across the grain ( a good thing for a double top ) and two, to allow for a very nicely elevated fingerboard ala Byers/Humphrey Millennium for unheard of access above the 12th fret, almost like a cutaway. This guitar exhibits all the power and richness of Jim’s standard double top guitars, but due to the design has it’s own beautifully unique voice and superior ergonomics. And perhaps best of all it is a SHORT SCALE! A top level short scale double top like this is difficult to find, and that is why I asked Jim to build this guitar. The voice is powerful, clear and well balanced and even though it is an as yet unplayed Spruce guitar where we know the best is yet to come as she is played in, she already has a sweet clear voice. If you have been looking for a top level short scale double top, this guitar should have you sweating by now 🙂

Jim Redgate WAVE Spruce/Double Top "SHORT SCALE"