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Custom order a Jim Redgate guitar

I have been proud to be Jim’s exclusive world wide dealer for many years now, and Jim’s guitars have been the most popular guitars in my shop for a long time. Jim is one of the few builders in the world who builds superb fan braced, composite ( double) top, and lattice guitars. He makes two versions of his composite top guitars as well, the traditional double top, and the WAVE ergonomic double top. Jim’s guitars are enjoyed by concert artists around the world and while he has a lengthy wait list, I am fortunate to be able to offer custom new guitars to my clients. Jim’s guitars are superb concert instruments that blend the lovely colors of traditional voicing with the power and response of modern guitars. His fan braced solid tops, likewise, evoke a fine Fleta but with a more contemporary flair.

 Please contact me directly for more detailed information,delivery times, model features, and pricing for these sought after and incredible instruments..

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a Jim Redgate guitar