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’70’s Miguel Rodriguez “Church Door”

Top: Cedar solid top
Back and sides: Rosewood
Scale: 660mm
Origin: Spain
Price: SOLD

This fine and rare Miguel Rodriguez “Church Door” has found a new home! I know of other Church Door Rod’s available, if you are looking for one please let me know…

Ever since Pepe Romero made his “Church Door” Rod “La Wonderful” famous the mystery surrounding these special Rod’s has grown. The legend is that the wood is from a century old Church Door in Andalucia, and some say the old door absorbed the vibrations of the organs and human voices and that is why it makes such a special guitar. Well, I don’t know if this is myth or truth, but it certainly adds to the character of these special Rodriguez guitars, made during this period, and made with this wood. Like ‘La Wonderful” they tend to be Rod’s that, for whatever reason, are among the finest examples of Rodriguez guitars to be found.

This is a very clean example of a Church Door Rod, sort of the ‘Holy Grail” for Rod lovers ( and who isnt’ a Rod lover?), the guitar has the surprising power and room filling volume that some of the best Rod’s have, a Rodriguez trademark, while at the same time enjoying a rich, highly emotional, and beautiful voice. She sings so sweet you are tempted to believe that yes, this must be a Church Door indeed. It certainly makes you feel as if you are playing in a Church! Very well balanced, and a joy to play with the 660mm scale.

Like most of the Church Door Rod’s, at some point in its life this instrument may have had some local re-polishing done, the tuners replaced, and the frets are now jumbo frets ( the same size Pepe uses on La Wonderful ), and the scale was re-set to 660mm while a 20th half fret has been added. All well done. Aside from this, the guitar appears in original condition. There is what appears to be a surface crack in the finish, but I can see no evidence that it extends into the wood when I look inside with a mirror.

Super rare, the holy grail if you are a Rod lover, and an all around simply elegant and wonderful guitar.

'70's Miguel Rodriguez "Church Door"