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2021 Andreas Kirschner Spruce Double Top

Top: Spruce double/composite top
Back and sides: Indian Rosewood
Origin: Germany

A great opportunity to grab a flawless 2021 Kirschner without any wait, and with all duty taxes/shipping/insurance to USA already paid for you!

This is an excellent Spruce double top, and I am a big fan of Spruce double tops, having played many over the years. My own personal favorite in fact. The challenge is this: It takes years of practice and trial and error to unlock the secrets of building a truly exceptional double top. But 90% of them are built with cedar. This is a much easier wood to build a good double top with. Spruce has challenges as a double top wood, but once overcome by a highly competent builder, those challenges quickly become assets due to Spruce’s superior cross grain stiffness, which it turns out, is a good thing for double tops. Perhaps this is why my personal favorite double tops seem to be Spruce. Having said that, just a handful of builders in my estimation can build a great Spruce double top, it is just more difficult to pull off well.

Andreas, is one of those builders.

In fact he is one of my ‘go to’ builders when a client is seeking a Spruce double top in this price range.

This guitar has excellent volume and projection, and a fine modern Spruce voice, with the dynamic range, and separation of voices one dreams of with a Spruce double top.

A fine guitar by Andreas, yet again…

2021 Andreas Kirschner Spruce Double Top