2020 Michael and Alec O’Leary Cedar/Lattice Braced

Top: Master Grade Cedar
Back and Sides: Master Grade Ebony
Tuners: Sloan
Scale: 650mm
Origin: Ireland

The ‘Guitar Gods’ have blessed me with another O’Leary to offer! I just sold a lovely “Exclusive Series” O’Leary that was an exquisite guitar. And now this ‘like new’ 2020 becomes available in flawless new condition save for one nearly imperceptible string mark below the bridge. This guitar, like its recent predecessor, uses the finest woods in the O’Leary shop which are reserved for their ‘Exclusive’ series.

The guitar has a Master Grade Cedar top, lattice braced, and back and sides of Master Grade Ebony, 12 hole tie block, elevated fret board and Sloan tuners.

O’Leary guitars have received plenty of concert and recording time with several major artists and sitting with this guitar for even a few minutes easily convinces you why. The description I wrote for the last O’Leary holds true here, not surprising as Michael and Alec are very ‘consistent’ builders:

“This concert level guitar has massive power and projection, impressive dynamic range. The bass response is bold yet balanced, and the trebles are expressive while still being crystal clear. Michael focuses on many areas to develop the voice but particularly the upper bout, and this is expressed in a lyrical and musical voice in spite of being a powerful guitar.”

2020 Michael O’Leary Cedar/Lattice Braced