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2017 Matthias Dammann Cedar/Double Top

Top: Cedar/Double Top
Back and sides: Rosewood
Scale: 650mm
Tuners: Klaus Scheller
Origin: Germany
Price: SOLD

I have sold more Dammann guitars than anybody in the world, too many to list on my site, so I am very familiar with his standard setting double tops. Having spent time with Matthias at his home in Germany, and having had many many discussions about guitars with him over the phone for many years, I truly feel that when it comes to innovations about the guitar, Matthias is a ‘genius’ and I don’t use that word lightly. He combines a relentless quest for perfection in tone, volume, response, dynamic range, and playability, with an endless thirst for scientific study and improvement of the guitar. And we all benefit from this.

Some of the hidden ’secrets’ in his guitars that he has created to achieve these goals are likely only known to Matthias himself, and perhaps a very few close acquaintances, among which I am honored to include myself. As he uncovers these little ‘gems’ to me I never cease to be amazed at how his mind works, and how skilled he is at creating the results he envisions in his mind and hears in his head. Just astounding.

Sadly, with his production often less than 6 guitars a year, there are just not enough Dammann’s in the world to satisfy demand, and I suspect his wait list is effectively permanently closed.

So it is with a lot of excitement that I was able to pick this exquisite near new 2017 Dammann Cedar/Double top up from the owner the other day. I carried it like a baby back to the shop. And now she is here.

This Dammann has a gorgeous voice, a blend of traditional and modern that is quintessential Dammann. If you have heard Manuel Barruco or David Russell playing their Cedar Dammann’s you understand why these are such prized instruments. I have heard them called the ’Stradivarius of guitars’ and I would not argue with that. Creating the voice I just described are Deep, rich, powerful basses, and clear, creamy, bell like trebles, with a robust G string, not at all ‘flabby’ like on some guitars. Volume and projection? Off the charts. Dynamic range? Off the charts.

Like new in amazing condition save for a very few super light nail marks barely visible even if looking close, and one tiny pin head string ding in the outer top in the usual spot near the tie block for the first string, which again is barely noticeable unless you get very close and look for it. Otherwise when you open the case and take her out she presents herself as a brand new guitar.

Ready for some lucky new owner….

2017 Matthias Dammann Cedar/Double Top