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2015 Jim Redgate Spruce WAVE double top

Top: Spruce WAVE double top
Back and sides: Premium Rosewood
Tuners: Graf
Origin: Australia

A rare treat indeed this one. I rarely get a pre owned Redgate to offer, folks tend not to sell them very often. But the rarest of the rare Redgates are the phenomenal WAVE double tops, and the rarest of the WAVE double tops are Spruce WAVE double tops. So here you have it, the rarest of the rare in Redgate guitars.

As the number one dealer in double top guitars in the World you know I see and hear many of the finest double tops in the world, and you no doubt know that my favorite double tops of all are the Spruce ones. On top of that Jim’s WAVE ergonomic design is not just exotic looking, the gently sloped soundboard produces some superb advantages. The curve increases the cross grain stiffness of the top, as does the simple fact that it is Spruce. Turns out increased cross grain stiffness is super important in double tops, so this guitar doubles down on that concept. Additionally the curve allows for a wonderfully elevated fretboard, not unlike say a Humphrey Millennium, and the accompanying ease of playing in the upper registers.

This concert level instrument has a lovely Spruce voice, excellent power and projection, incredible dynamics, and is soooo comfortable to play. Top this off with a 20th half fret, and silky smooth Graf tuners, plus Jims stock of upgraded premium rosewood and you have the most elegant, fully appointed Redgate that you can acquire. One string ding below tie block in the usual place at the first string otherwise near new. And, no years long wait, available now…

2015 Jim Redgate Spruce WAVE double top