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2013 Andres Marvi

Top: Cedar/Fan braced
Back and sides: Rosewood/doubled with Maple inside
Scale: 650mm
Tuners: Graf
Origin: Spain
Price: $4,950

I enjoy visiting Andy when I am in Granada on guitar trips, he is a great guy and a gifted and very popular builder, this guitar is a cedar classical with rosewood back and sides that are doubled inside with maple lining, Graf tuners, and a 20th half fret in fine condition. Andy’s unique method of fixing the neck so that it runs all the way to the sound hole is how he feels he achieves a fuller rounder tone above the 12th fret.The doubled sides he feels allow for added volume. The owner of this guitar used it for gigs and so had on board electronics installed, only visible by a slight profile of the mike on the edge of the sound hole, and the small jack opening where a strap pin might go on a steel string. Best of both worlds, a fine classical guitar that can double for the working musician at gigs, weddings or ?

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