2012 Matthias Dammann Cedar/composite (double) top

Top: Cedar/composite (double) top
Back and sides: Rosewood
Scale: 650mm
Origin: Germany

As I have mentioned before, every time I have the chance to play a Dammann I can not escape the sense that I am playing a bit of history, a guitar lovingly crafted by arguably the ‘Torres of our time’. In my experience, Matthias is a genius, pure and simple. His experiments with sound and what is possible with the guitar led him to invent the double top concept in 1989, and he has refined and innovated every guitar he has built since then. Just when I think he can’t possibly take the guitar any higher, he does it again and usually in a way that nobody would have thought of.

Like most of the best double top builders Matthias has a long history building solid top fan braced guitars, and in fact still builds them today when asked. This deep understanding of the traditional aspects of the guitar, blended with his building genius and the attributes that his double top invention brings to a guitar, allows him to create arguably the finest guitars in the world that blend the best of both worlds, traditional fan braced and modern double top.

I am SO happy to offer this fine Dammann. I sadly went through one period of 5 years without a single Dammann to offer, so every time I am fortunate enough to offer one of these incredible instruments I am always so grateful. This guitar is in virtually new condition with the exception of a small 2mm area on the lower bout of the top, and two very minor and light string impressions, none of which as you can see from the photos detracts one bit from the new look and beauty of this superior Dammann.

Dammann studies sound and character and tone in the most profound and creative ways, and this is why his guitars are so in demand among the worlds top players. Not only does this guitar possess a lovely and complex voice, but she has a dynamic range and response that is just unimaginable on traditional guitars, yet another reason why so many players adore these guitars. Of course a by product of all this is superior volume and projection, but it is the voice/dynamic range/superior response that really has caused so much excitement over the years with these guitars.

Piano-like Trebles, and Cello-like basses are phrases that seem to have been invented to describe Dammann’s in general, and this Dammann in particular.

The best of the best, as usual…

2012 Matthias Dammann Cedar/composite (double) top