2012 John Price Spruce/Fan Braced

Top: Spruce/Fan Braced
Back and sides:Rosewood
Scale: 650mm
Origin: Australia
Price: $6,500

John Price guitars have a solid following the world over, though most are familiar with his lattice guitars. It turns out he does build lovely fan braced guitars, though many may not know that. This guitar is in near new condition, very well cared for indeed. Nice Rosewood back and a fine Spruce sound board. I think this is an excellent price for a hand built luthier made guitar with a reputation for quality. The guitar seems to have been rarely played, it has a lovely sweet voice, with great clarity and defined voicing separation, and is well balanced across all six strings. I suspect, as nice as it sounds now, that like all newer Spruce guitars, it will, with some regular playing, develop and evolve into an even more lovely voice.
2012 John Price Spruce/Fan Braced