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2011 Unplayed Greg Smallman & Sons

Top: Cedar/Lattice Braced
Back and sides: Rosewood
Origin: Australia
Price: SOLD

This wonderful Smallman quickly found a new home, however I am fortunate to have also a new unplayed 2010 as well, call me for details…

I received 4 Smallman guitars recently, this 2011, two 2010’s all three NEW UNPLAYED, and a 2009 played but in mint like new condition. All four were obtained by me as superb examples of new Smallman guitars for my client, it took from 2009-2011 to accomplish this. The client, being a very discerning client of mine would accept only the best and was in no rush, and the result of our efforts and patience was these 4 superb Smallman’s the ‘best of the best’ level. The reason for this was that my client and three guitar buddies had plans to start a quartet, and all wanted to play the same guitar. So my client acquired 4 new Smallman’s for that purpose as I noted above. Unfortunately, the guitars were obtained but conflicting life plans caused the quartet never to be formed, in fact 3 of the 4 Smallman guitars intended for the quartet have never been played, and arrived back here in my shop with the original strings still on them! My client, realizing the quartet was not going to evolve has asked me to find new homes for these excellent Smallman’s. They are literally as they were when they arrived from Australia. All four are so similar it would be difficult to pick out a favorite and all have the same attributes, describing one, is describing all 4.

These were selected for their combination of full round trebles, vibrant basses, and mind bending power. My client was wary that in his experience some Smallman guitars can at times sound a bit thin and nasal, and so he was careful to acquire only those with full rich voices, and all 4 fit that description. Vast power and projection, and superior response, coupled with enormous dynamic range make this the ‘go to’ concert guitars for many fine players of note. Even if you simply play alone in your guitar room however, the voice and clarity combined with the need for only the lightest touch due to the excellent response, provide a highly pleasant and rewarding experience for the player.

These are elegant Smallman’s and I am eager to find them all new appreciative homes….

2011 Unplayed Greg Smallman & Sons