2010 Romanillos “La Reunion”

Top: Old Aged Spruce
Back and sides: Old aged Rosewood
Tuners: Graf
Origin: England
In all the years I have been fortunate enough to work with Jose and Liam, as the only dealer they work with, I have only had 2 Romanillos guitars that were acquired new by my clients show up in my shop to re sell. In one case, sadly, the owner passed away. Other than that, people just treasure these guitars and simply enjoy them for life, and often pass them down in their estates as well. This guitar ‘La Reunion” was acquired new by a client of mine in 2010 and he had it built with Graf tuners as well. Absolutely wonderful Romanillos. My client enjoyed her all these years but is no longer playing and so sent me this and a couple other fine instruments to find a new home for them.
Liam uses the same very old wood that was originally cut down by Jose and aged in the shop. The same exact woods Jose used in all his guitars, only even more aged now, it is rare to find woods this fine. Combine that with the much loved building tradition of Jose passed down to Liam, and you have a guitar that is unique in every way, from the intricate rosette, to the aged woods, to the finest level of craftsmanship, to a building style and tradition successfully passed down from father to son. All this comes magically together in a Romanillos to provide what many consider to be the most Angelic and emotional voice one can imagine. The notes literally ’shimmer’.
With Liam’s list approaching 20 years, the opportunity to own one now with no wait will be a dream come true for the next owner…
2010 Romanillos “La Reunion”