2010 Liam Romanillos “La Reunion”

Top: Old aged Spruce
Back and sides: Old aged Rosewood
Scale: 650mm
Tuner: Graf
Origin: England

As always, I am honored to have been selected by Jose and Liam Romanillos as their only representative world wide. The instruments father and son create are some of the greatest treasures known to lovers of the finest and most beautiful sounding guitars. With a wait list that stretches out perhaps 20 years at this time, it is always a rare treat for me to have one of Liam’s guitars in the shop. I have deposits on the next several new Liam guitars, so this guitar represents a very very rare opportunity to acquire a gorgeous Liam Romanillos guitar without any wait.

This guitar, “La Reunion” was originally acquired new from my shop, and has found her way back 11 years later in search of her next steward. She was already ‘aged’ even when new, as Liam uses the exact same woods cut by Jose decades ago, which has been continuing to mature under perfect conditions in his shop ever since. I would expect the top, and the old aged back and sides are likely at least 50 years old.At a time when many luthiers are excited if they have a top aged 5-10 years, these woods are super rare these days. These guitars already sound played in even when new, but this one has the added plus of being actually played in. The tone is rich and lush and wondrous, and I think few, if any, with eyes closed, could distinguish between this guitar and the best guitars of Jose.

The guitar has been well cared for, in superior condition having only 3 nail marks and two or three other small marks including one under the strings between the sound hole and bridge, none of which ‘pop out’ at you when viewing the guitar casually, overall at first glance it appears near new.

The original owner, who passed away sadly, had Liam install a custom set of high end Graf Tuners which aside from their flawless and smooth operation, are also beautiful and which add a regal crown to this beautiful work of art and sound.

2010 Liam Romanillos “La Reunion”