2010 Jim Redgate “Cedar/Double Top, ex. Ralph Towner”

Top: Cedar Double Top
Back and sides: Rosewood
Scale: 650mm
Origin: Australia

This powerful Redgate double top has found a new home, if you are interested in a Redgate guitar please contact me…

Jim went all out on this brilliant double top, using his finest woods and pulling out all the stops as he built it custom for well known artist Ralph Towner. Ralph has been the only owner. Although one of the most loved features of Jim’s guitars are their supremely comfortable and playable necks, Ralph actually prefers a thicker neck for his hands, and so he sent me this guitar and Jim will build him a new guitar with a thicker neck. For me however this neck feels divine, and I think 99% of players would agree, super easy to play. Tonally this is a fantastic Redgate double top, to rival those tonally payed by Slava and Leonard Grigoryan, really a beautiful sounding guitar with excellent volume and projection, a rich warm cedar voice and wonderful sustain. The guitar is in near new condition with only two super tiny super light blemishes on the top that are barely noticeable. Twelve hole tie block, elevated fingerboard, and best of all, available now with no multi year wait.

2010 Jim Redgate "Cedar/Double Top, ex. Ralph Towner"