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2010 Gregory Byers Cedar/Lattice braced

2010 Gregory Byers Cedar/lattice braced
Top: Cedar/lattice braced
Back and sides: Rosewood
Tuners: Graf
Scale: 650mm

Greg is not only a great person, but he builds great guitars. Originally inspired by Romanillos to coax the ‘magic’ out of a guitar, he evolved into the modern iteration of guitars with his lattice braced guitars and has been in steady demand ever since.

Gregs guitars are lovingly voiced, powerful, easy to play and due to Greg’s intense focus on this aspect, always have perfect intonation.

This guitar has a beautiful set of Rosewood back and sides, and a Cedar lattice braced top, classic Byers style elevated fret board, and a set of stunning Graf tuners.

The guitar is in fine condition with only a few indications of playing wear and prior ownership, nothing major at all, in fact it is in exceptional condition for an 11 year old guitar.

The voice is rich, powerful, and warm, pure Byers and a dream to play.

2010 Gregory Byers Cedar/Lattice braced