NEW Michel Brück Spruce/Composite ‘double’ Top

Top Spruce composite/double top
Back and sides: Rosewood
Tuners: Rodgers
Origin: Germany

Michel’s guitars have become so desired that his wait list extends well beyond ten years at this point with adoring fans all over the globe waiting for one of his incredible instruments. I have spent many hours with Michel at his shop in Germany, and he has spent many hours here in the USA in my shop as well. I have thus had the good fortune to not only play and hear many many of his concert instruments , but also have been able to enjoy hours of delightful and informative ‘chats’ about guitars. Michel is definitely a maestro, his knowledge of building and the care he takes to create his instruments have elevated him to the highest levels of guitar making shared with the likes of Dammann, Redgate, Woodfield and other fine modern builders.

I have always been a fan of Spruce double tops, the combination of clarity and colors enhanced by the wide dynamic range, response and projection of a fine composite/double top, to me, is the best of all worlds. Spruce in many ways is the ideal wood for a fine double top, as its cross grain stiffness is superior to that of cedar, and it turns out for double tops, cross grain stiffness is a highly desirable attribute.

This instrument is wickedly refined and musical while at the same time producing notes which seem to nearly fly off the string at the lightest touch, like a Ferrari, making beautiful sounds while responding to every nuance asked of it. The Rodgers tuners are a lovely addition and match the refined elegance and aesthetic of the entire flawlessly crafted guitar. Another masterpiece by Michel.

2009 Michel Brück/Cedar/Double Top