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2009 Matthias Dammann Cedar double (composite) top

Top: Cedar/Double (composite) top
Back and sides: Rosewood
Scale: 660mm
Origin: Germany

As the number one dealer in the world regarding Dammann guitars I have seen/heard/played many many Dammann and am fortunate to have them from time to time in my shop. This guitar just arrived from Europe and I was super excited for it to show up as always. Every single Dammann is a bit different, he is very much an innovator, and I don’t think I have seen two Dammann’s exactly alike in the 24 years I have been a guitar dealer.

I opened the case, tuned her up and thought ‘Chris you always tell your clients to be patient, and give the guitar 12 hours to recover from ’shipping shock’ before you play it’. And then I thought the same thing my clients do ‘Right, you’re kidding?’ and so like them, I could not resist playing a bit the moment I opened the case.

Now sometimes I play a few notes and think ’nice’, and some times I play a few notes and think ‘interesting’ or ‘lovely’, but every once in a while I play a few notes, my jaw drops, and out comes “WOW!”. Yeah, this is one of those.

Amazing Dammann. Period. That is my report. Amazing. End of report. It would be futile to try and go further. Wow.

The guitar is in very close to like new condition, no marks, cracks or scratches save for one minor string ding below the tie block that was carefully repaired. Same scale as Manuel Barrueco’s Dammann’s, and sounds amazing as do his which you have no doubt heard.

Essentially like a brand new Dammann, sound , look and feel exemplify why Dammann’s wait list stretches out decades.

2009 Matthias Dammann Cedar double (composite) top