2009 Dominique Field Spruce/fan braced

Top: Spruce/fan braced
Back and sides: Rosewood
Tuners: Rodgers
Scale: 650mm
Origin: England

I recall meeting Dominique for a beer in the Montmartre in Paris years ago,he was just then just beginning to burst upon the scene along with other French builders, like Dominique Delarue, all being viewed as the ‘heir apparent’ to Daniel Freiderich who would end up retiring a few years later. Dominique was a truly affable guy, I enjoyed our meeting and I remember walking down the Paris streets later thinking ’this fellow is going to be a very highly respected builder’. And so it has become.

Dominique is building guitars that garner praise wherever I go , and with Maestro Friederich now retired, there is little doubt that the ’two Dominiques’ ( Field and Delarue) have taken up the mantel that Daniel Friederich once bore, as the ‘finest luthiers in France’.

This instrument is an exquisite example of his much respected work, and in lovely, mint, virtually unplayed condition. A spectacle just to open the case and see such a pristine guitar that really appears to have been safely held in its case unplayed for 11 ish years. Just stunningly gorgeous.

The woods he used are purely master grade, the workmanship is divine, the Rodgers tuners are delightful the aesthetic as pure art. An absolutely lovely guitar.

Unsurprisingly the voice is crystal clear and multilayered with great clarity. Bass/treble is super balanced and the action nearly plays itself.

A wonderful guitar, among the very finest that France has to offer.

2009 Dominique Field Spruce/fan braced