2008 Paulino Bernabe “Royal” Spruce/Fan Braced

Top: Old aged Spruce/fan braced
Back and sides: Old aged Rosewood
Tuners: Rodgers
Scale: 650mm
Origin: Spain

As the exclusive US Dealer for Bernabe for many years I have had the pleasure of presenting many fine instruments from their shop, but the Imperial and Royal were always my clear favorites. Paulino showed me the stores of wood in their shop during a visit there once, and it was mind boggling to see set after set of simply incredible Rosewood laying in stacks, or hanging about the shop in such abundance. Any luthier would dream of such a selection of old aged woods, guaranteed to enhance any instrument built using them, no matter how nice it might otherwise have been without these old woods.

And so the Royal represents the pinnacle of what is created in the shop and, up to at least 2008, I was told that all Imperial and Royal level guitars were made personally by Paulino Sr and Jr. I was grateful to visit Paulino Sr not long before he passed away, and there he was, happy and working away at his bench on another Royal.

This guitar is in rather incredible ‘like new’ condition, a fine custom set of Rodgers tuners, and the sides, as usual for this model doubled with Cypress, and an old Rosewood back and sides that I have looked at till my eyes ache and I still think it is a one piece back, for if it is two pieces I simply cannot see the seam! A beautiful set of back and sides, complimented by an exquisite old aged Spruce soundboard accented with the usual elegant and tasteful appointments found on the Royal model. Even the original bone tie blocks, which Bernabe felt increased the break angle over the saddle and thus improved the tone, are in place.

The guitar is in such beautiful condition that it literally shows no sign of ever having been played, about as perfect as you can get without being brand new.

The tone is pure Bernabe, Rich yet clear, with lovely sustain, any fan of the ‘Bernabe sound’ will be a fan of this Royal.

2008 Paulino Bernabe “Royal” Spruce/Fan Braced