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2008 Paul Fischer Cedar/Lattice braced

Top: Cedar/Lattice Braced
Back and sides: Rosewood
Tuners: Rodgers
Scale: 650mm
Origin: England

It is always a pleasure to receive one of Pauls instruments in the shop, like old friends, they flow through from time to time on their way from one player to the next. I see them all too infrequently, it seems many people just keep their Fischer’s and they don’t move around a lot.

One of Englands best known builders, who worked shoulder to shoulder with David Rubio back in the day, Paul has become an icon of sorts in his own right, building guitars both Classical and Baroque, and he developed his innovative version of lattice bracing he calls the ’Taut System’ in an effort to advance the capabilities of the modern Classical guitar.

This instrument of Paul’s is in very fine, near new condition, remarkable for a 2008, with only a couple slight marks on the top, however there is a section of ‘button marks’ on the back of the upper bout that are light, but visible, otherwise as you are playing it, the guitar looks near new.

Those familiar with Pauls ’Taut System’ will recognize the clarity and projection these models are known for, and which earns them much praise. A clear voiced, well balanced concert level instrument sure to please any of Paul’s many fans the world over.

2008 Paul Fischer Cedar/Lattice braced