2008 Greg Smallman & sons Cedar/lattice braced

Top: Cedar/Lattice Braced
Back and sides: Rosewood
Origin: Australia
Scale: 650mm
Price: SOLD

This lovely 08 Smallman has found a new home, if you are seeking a fine Smallman please call me..

Well as you have heard me say many times before, Smallman guitars have legions of fans, and sometimes it seems as many detractors. And that is the conundrum with them, they can be amazing, and they can be not so amazing, it really depends on the individual guitar. But when they are good, they are really really good.

This is one of those.

Except for a fully supported “ding” in the lower bout near the edge, the guitar is in near new condition, in beautiful condition with lovely woods.

And of course it has the trademark “ are you plugged into an amp?” volume we expect from a Smallman, you half expect them to blast back the hair of the people sitting in front of them when they are played.

But in this case what is striking is the voice of this particular Smallman, it is true and surely just plainly beautiful and expressive, not just loud, the voice can whisper or yell, and everything in between, she speaks, she sings, just a really lovely melodic voice, I am very smitten with this one.

2008 Greg Smallman & sons Cedar/lattice braced