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2006 Thomas Humphrey Millennium ” Grand Concert”

Top: Cedar
Back and sides: Rosewood
Scale: 664mm
Origin: USA
Price: SOLD

This unique and special Millennium found the perfect new home, if you are seeking a Millennium please contact me….

Wow, opening up the case and seeing this guitar really brought back a flood of memories of my good friend Tom. We all miss him. I think about Tom a lot, one of the really creative free spirits in the guitar world, and a true character as well. We spent hours and hours on the phone chatting about guitar theory. What a fertile mind he had. Hope you’re soaring my friend. Whew. I sold this guitar when it was new and it is great to see her back again, played in, opened up and just as good as new. The Grand Concert model was Tom’s way of gearing a guitar towards the comfort of a larger player, slightly larger body and scale. Oddly I find it so comfortable to play that I actually had to get out a tape measure and check the scale to make sure it was not a 650mm, and I am a smaller guy, 5’6″ IF I stand up real tall :-). The guitar had a small repair and light polish done by Kelly Worth who worked along side Tom and was the closest thing to an apprentice or co-builder that Tom ever had. Tom spoke highly of Kelly. He did a great job on this guitar, and she really looks like Tom just finished her and sent her to me. All original. Super easy action, very light to the touch, Tom’s trademark elevated fingerboard of course, and the haunting Millennium voice. It’s a little bit like having Tom back in a way, and I guess he does in fact live on in his guitars thank goodness. Someone will treasure this one.

2006 Thomas Humphrey Millennium " Grand Concert"