2005 Robert Ruck ‘composite (double) top’ Manuel Barrueco’s personal guitar

Top: Cedar double top
Back and sides: Old pre-cites Brazilian Rosewood.
Tuners: Rodgers
Scale: 665mm
Origin: USA
Price: SOLD

This very very special Ruck composite top has found a new home, if you are interested in Ruck guitars, or composite/double top guitars, please contact me…

This very special Ruck composite top has had only one owner, Manuel Barrueco. It was built for him by Robert Ruck in 2005 and he has owned it ever since. There is a dedication to Manuel that Ruck placed under the top near the treble side of the sound hole. As you would expect, Robert used his very finest woods when building this guitar and it is absolutely gorgeous. The back and sides are of the highest quality very dark brown old pre-cites Brazilian Roseood, and the top is a fine tight grained cedar composite (double) top. The head veneer too is of the same beautiful Brazilian Rosewood and Ruck artfully added a very tasteful relief carving which he usually reserves only for very special guitars. The tuners are Rodgers with white buttons and a simple but stunning German Silver straight plate with decorated edges. Bob created a very elegant rosette design which is mirrored on the tie block as well. He used his original #50 style body on this instrument, the same as the 1972 Ruck that Manuel Barrueco used for his recordings. Manuel prefers a 665mm scale, and I was very surprised how easy it was to play. Robert’s action and neck carve make this immensely playable even with hands as small as mine. Fingerboard is 53mm. The guitar sounds like a fine Ruck (think of a Barrueco recording!) only with ‘more’, very responsive, open, and balanced and with good volume. Now if I could only play it like it’s former owner!! Another lifetime perhaps 🙂 . A highly inspiring and elegant guitar in virtually new condition that will undoubtedly delight the new owner for a lifetime, please call to learn more…

2005 Robert Ruck 'composite (double) top' Manuel Barrueco's personal guitar