2003 Paulino Bernabe “Concierto”

Top: Cedar
Back and sides: Rosewood
Scale: 650mm
Origin: Spain

I always enjoyed my visits with Paulino Sr in Madrid, he was the kindest and most humble luthier, a true Spanish Gentleman of the Old World. My favorite Bernabe guitars were built, as this was, before his passing. His legacy lives on through his instruments.

This guitar is in fine condition and has been well cared for, with a fine Cedar top and absolutely stunning Rosewood from the Bernabe Wood collection in the Madrid shop. I don’t think I have even seen so much incredible wood all over the shop as I saw in their studio, just incredible amounts of superior wood.

The guitar has that lovely Spanish Bernabe voice that won so many fans all over the world, and continue to do so to this day, rich and warm and emotional, the kind of guitar you want to sneak away with for a couple hours and just hang out together.

The concierto madel is the model just below their flagship models, the “Imperial” and “Royal”, and I always feel the Concierto is the best ‘value’ of the 3, you get much the same instrument, but with less ornamentation, but sound wise very similar. Lovely guitar.

2003 Paulino Bernabe “Concierto”